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The Brownsville House: . Breakfast

Breakfast With Brownsville

There will be no additional guests at The Brownsville House during your stay so we invite you to choose someone from our wonderful community to have breakfast with. This is optional, of course!  We are proud of our town and would love to share with you some of the folks that make it special.

Breakfast will be made from the freshest eggs from our pet chickens, and our home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts. Also featured is Bob's home-made sausage and our coffee is locally roasted at Rivenshire Farm and blended especially for the Brownsville House. Cyndi's baked goods are made with Stalford Seed Farm organic flours with wheat grown and milled locally.

Our breakfasts are substantial and delicious and can be served anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.  A pot of hot coffee and warm homemade muffins can be ready as early as 6:00 a.m.  You will be our only guests. We are here to pamper you!

 Please scroll down to see our Breakfast With Brownsville guest selection.



Joni Nelson  

  Brownsville's historian and Renaissance woman. 


  Don Ware

  Mayor and Editor of the local newspaper.


Sherri Lemhouse 

Brownsville Librarian and flower lady 



  Sharon & Terry McCoy

  Long time residents and owners of Atavista Farm 


Mike Purkerson  

Local coffee roaster of Rivenshire Farm  


  Mandy Cole

  City councilwoman and newspaper woman!



LeRoy Spurlin 

Grass seed farmer in the grass seed capital of the world 





  Rhoda Fleishman

  Extraordinary Gardener and Potter. 






Diana Barron & Jon Brockman 

Music, medicine and the deep blue sea. And pinot noir 




  Ray & Linda McCormick

  Brownsville's best ambassadors.

  Learn more about one of Linda's 

  projects: Stand By Me.



Reed and Robyn Anderson and Family 

Sheep Ranchers 




  Bill Sattler

  For S.M. Stirling or other science fiction fans, Bill        

  Sattler is your man.  He's also an extraordinary



Alice Tetamore  

Watercolor artist and mover and  

shaker in Brownsville's Community Art Center 

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